Innovations in ophthalmology


I had Introducing 2 new techniques in non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, and published them internationally. 


First is:  the Trabeculotome –guided non- penetrating glaucoma surgery: The technique involves the placement of the Trabeculotome inside schlemm's canal before deep flap dissection, this helped better identification of the canal. Beside its publication. The technique was presented in:


1) Eye Advance, Mumbai, India, 2004.


2) ESCRS, Paris, 2004.


3) The international glaucoma symposium, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2005.


4) The Egyptian Ophthalmological society, 2005-2006.


4) MEACO: Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology, Dubai, 2007.


Second is:  the Sclera- Preserving Viscocanalostomy


Published in the MEJO and presented in:


1) MEACO, Dubai, 2007. 


2) World Glaucoma Congress in Singapore, 2007.


Modified Reversed Scleral Flap:

Presented at the Egyptian Society of Glaucoma, 2010.


Prolene Canalostenting ( Under Publication) 



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